Usage Rates (current as of March 1, 2016)

1. Social events - non-local renter: $500.00/day

2. Social events - local renter: $300.00/day (see qualifications for local renter designation below)

3. Social events - Community Club member (with waiver option): $100.00/day (see qualifications for CC member below)

4. Government agency meetings - up to 4 hours: $250.00/day

5. Local yearly user groups (from the pre-approved list) - more than 2 days per year: $200.00/calendar year

6. Local memorials (with waiver option): $75.00/day


Local renter: renter must either A) own property in the 99572 ZIP code; or B) have a Cooper Landing PO Box in his/her name AND a long-term residential lease agreement or employment in Cooper Landing

CC Member: renter must be registered to vote as a Cooper Landing resident

Waiver: must be issued and approved by an officer of the Community Club only

Damage/Security deposit: equal to the amount of one day's rental